How is a fluid process...

We have to start somewhere

I like to start with a casual meeting. Let's meet and talk about your business and see if we click. I am open to chatting in the office (yours or mine), over coffee or on a stroll around the lake.

It Is All Up To You!

I treat your legal dollars like you treat your legal dollars. I will never push services your business does not need. Over time you will trust my advice.

Joining Your Team

Based on our conversations, I will send you a letter summarizing what services you want us to provide, a clear idea of costs, and how we agree to work together. Once you and your team sign, off we can get started.

You know What I know

We specifically created processes and leverage tech tools to make it easy for everyone involved in the project to participate and stay informed.  

Custom Counsel Checklist? Plan?

We help you plan and budget by coming up with a list of legal issues and the potential risk they carry. The legal risk plan describes existing and potential issues, the risk to your business, what it will take to address any issues and the costs.

On the Radar

Every business has legal issues that they cannot afford to let fall off the radar. We help you with that by offering reminders and suggestions or just handling the tasks and keeping you in the loop.

My services are rooted in ...

It is not enough for me to just get your business. If I do not provide value every step of the way, I have failed you.


I learn about your business to better serve you. I provide service to you in the context of all that is happening in your world. Otherwise, I am not truly serving all of your legal business needs.


I educate you on your legal issues and provide you with the resources you neejd. You can rely on me without being dependent.


My unique and diverse background skills and experiences provide me with a perspective well suited to navigating the new and changing business landscape.