What I deliver to you...

Business life cycle

I organize my services around business phases.  Not every company needs full-time in-house counsel, but every business needs a trusted legal advisor, and it is more efficient time and budget wise to utilize that advisor as coordinator for all your legal business needs. I don’t truly know what's needed until I know the business.

Getting to know you

First I congratulate you on joining that unique group of people who are brave enough to step into the role of business owner. Working with clients like you is what excites me aboutt practicing law. The fact that you’re looking at my site and contemplating getting legal assistance already shows that you are ahead in the game. My experience with young companies clearly proves that starting strong is the most important thing you can do to increase your odds of succeeding and creating a sustainable business.

So you know it’s important to start strong; just how do you do that? You identify a team of professionals that you can call on when you need guidance. The reason most young businesses don’t do this isn’t because they don’t think it’s important; it’s that the effort it takes to launch a new venture is substantial and this task can be overwhelming. Even when they try and approach a traditional law firm, they oftentimes leave frustrated.

I fully customize my services around your business.

I like to work with you as an ad hoc member of your executive team. This way I fully understand your business, your products or services, your business goals and timelines, and your budget. This deep understanding allows me to customize my recommendations regarding your core team of professionals and identifying your immediate, short-term, and long-term legal issues. Identifying your team does not mean engaging them right now. It means when you are in the middle of a crisis, you know who to call  for help right away. You end up with less stress, better service and usually better results.

Day-to-day operations

I offer all my clients, at no charge, basic education about establishing and maintaining a strong core foundation to build your success. Basically I give you a plan that identifies what you need, when you may need it; how much it will cost; and how you can get it done (many tasks don’t require a lawyer or CPA). When I handle this aspect, you are free to focus on launching your business.

Major events

No matter the business challenges you face, we are there to help you navigate through them.  To make the best decisions, you need accurate timely information. We provide that and explain the risks inherent in various solutions. 

Now what?

Everything is moving along and now you look down the road. Do you expand? Offer a new product? Open a new location? Think about an exit strategy? We can provide support as you examine the endless possibilities.